Denis Kireev Ukraine Dead, killed by the SBU because accused of spying

Ukraine has been in midst of a terrible situation nowadays. It is living on the edge and none know what will happen next. It is a problem that they never thought they will go through just after a battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been high pressure and unexpected situation from them and the whole world is watching it. Denis Kireev was the negotiator from Ukraine side who shot dead by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU).

Denis Kireev was negotiator from Ukraine side

Russia has started the war and the chaos is there on both sides of the border for these two Soviet Union countries. It is creating a situation that has divided the world and can also start another world war. Thanks to Ukraine trying to be a part of NATO and the Russians seeing it as a security breach, this invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army has started.

It has been such high profile affair that even the Ukrainian head has come down to the ground to fight the war and show bravery. This time period will obviously go down in the folk tales of the history of this small East European country. It does not matter what happens, even it does not matter who is right or wrong both sides are losing the common people’s lives in the tug of war between the powers of both the countries.

Suspected Ukrainian Spy shot dead

In between this trouble, Denis Kireev, a negotiator from Ukraine was shot dead by the Ukrainian government. They thought of him as a spy and detective of the Russian government. It was not even cleared and the pieces of evidence were not so strong but the situation is such that this guy lost his life while negotiating for Ukraine with the Russian government headed by Vladimir Putin.

This situation is so unfortunate that this rumored spy was not even provided a proper trial which every person on earth deserves as a birthright.

Why he has been killed?

When Russia and Ukraine’s negotiations failed, a negotiator named Denis Kireev (who they thought was an intelligence officer for the other side) got shot dead. The evidence wasn’t strong enough to prove anything but there is such intense suspicion between both countries’ governments that it feels like everyone involved will lose something important no matter what happens next – including them losing their lives if things go south again.

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