Derek Lindauer Death Cause, Obituary of Black Hawk Basketball Coach


The latest breaking news is about the death of the coach Derek Lindauer. He has been passed away today. Who was he? What was the cause of his death? Derek Lindauer was the coach of the UTHS and Moline. He was an experienced man in the Basketball community. His death news shocked the sports fans who loves Basketball game. As a coach, he trained many players and shared tactics knowledge to young basketball guys. The students of the club and fans are heavily saddened by his demise news. How did Derek Lindauer died? Let’s know his reason of death.

Who was Derek Lindauer?

Derek Lindauer is a popular name when it comes to basketball. He made his team to win eleven regional championship titles, trophies, state championship and five division championship. Under his guidance and coaching, the team performed good in the matches and tournaments.

We don’t know the exact age of Derek but he was in his 50s. Also his family and siblings information is not available. He was married happily in life. His son also making his career in sports. He trained his sons too. The name of his sons is not known right now.

Derek Lindauer Death Cause

No media reports yet covered the death cause and reason of the Derek Lindauer. According to few users and fans on social media, he died because of illness. His health was not good from last few weeks. Maybe he died of the natural causes. Derek was admitted to hospital. The things will clear out later after an official statement from his family. No media statements yet made by family.

Lindauer was popular for his athletic coach career. He earned respected in the field that’s why his fans and students are feeling devastated on his demise. Overall, he was an amazing person and his demise is a big loss for team and basketball club.

Derek Lindauer Net Worth

The Derek Lindauer’s net worth is in between $12 million to $15 million. He made his savings from the basketball coach career. A week ago he ended his 19 years tenure as a coach. Now his sudden death shocked everyone who was close to him. He achieved many honors and titles as a coach of Black Hawk Basketball club.

Also the sports managers and club owners are paying tribute to him on social media for his contribution and hard work. Derek’s death was reported on Jan 01.

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