Desus and Mero break up, reddit fans on Podcast Beef reaction

Desus and Mero are currently trending on Twitter as fans wonder if the duo is splitting up. The research has gone viral with one user speculating that Desu might be going by another name next year, while others think he just needed some time away from TV cameras filming their show “Bodega Boys”. There are rumors and fans theory about the breaking up of Desus and Mero.

Desus Nice and The Kid Mero answer your questions on their “Bodega Boys” podcast. They’re not just comedians, they also host a late-night comedy series that has developed an avid fan base of its own! And now you can watch them moderator discussions with some funny clips thrown in for good measure – because nobody said these two were serious about anything.

The podcast that started it all, “The Bodega Boys,” has been sounding off on recent events. This weekend’s episode was no different as they discussed their thoughts and opinions about what is going down in Hollywood right now. It seems like just yesterday we were listening to these guys talking shop over coffee but now celebrities from around town are joining the conversation too- which means there must be something interesting happening behind those closed doors.

Desus Nice seems to have caught wind of the recent discussion about his relationship with someone on social media. This morning, in a series tweet that has since been liked over thousand times (and counting), The Bronx native writes “The social media comes for everyone eventually.” Desus and Mero both are splitting up as per the latest rumors in industry.

The Bodega Boys has been around since 2015, and their most recent episode debuted on November 15th 2021. These boys are always coming up with new content for your listening pleasure! If you want to hear what they have in store then head over now (or any day). Desus and Mero were spotted at the Major League Baseball All-Star Celebrity Softball Game on Saturday, July 16. While their status is still unclear with New York City as a place to reside for now in 2020 it looks like they made some kind of appearance. Both have lots of fans worldwide.

Desus and Mero have been best friends for many years, but it seems like their friendship is coming to an end. In a recent podcast episode of the duo’s show Desous channeling his voice towards Meron after getting some financial advice from him about how he made money as well in order not be completely dependent.

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