Dieunerst Collin 247: Popeyes kid meme is football champ

Collin has become famous for something he did years ago, and now people are calling him a “meme boy.” The 17-year old Internet sensation who once went viral after being filmed at Popeyes is none other than Dieunerst Collin. He is a boy who appeared in memes. Now the boy is an football internet sensation and champ. Popeyes meme boy is the nickname of boy in the fans on social media. He is a high school football state champion and gained everyone’s focus on social media.

Dieunerst was badly doppled when a fan mistook him for someone else and then posted the footage online. The videos got millions views on his latest videos. It shows Dieunerst awkward reaction when that happened you’ll never guess who it could have been. Learn more about meme boy who is now a champ.

Who is Dieunerst Collin?

Dieunerst Collin is the meme boy who is being talked in the users as the high school football champ.

In 2013, the internet fell in love with meme boy when he went viral after someone mistook him for Lil Terio and recorded his hilarious reaction. He quickly became one of Vine’s most popular stars because people just couldn’t get enough.

From a little boy to the Popeyes meme star that he is now, Dieunerst has grown up in just two years. However fans were surprised when they saw him at his high school’s championship game and even more so after seeing pictures of them together over social media posts.

Dieunerst Collin is now football champ

Soo after his high school squad won the championship title, fans took no time to give credit to meme boy on social media. Everybody congratulated him for this victory. He is an internet star who is achieving milestones in the football game. He also shared his photo on Twitter with trophy. On the Instagram, he hosts about 20K followers. He made different football stats and highlights posts on profile.

The internet was shocked itself when it saw him as a high schooler and now, this college football champion.

Dieunerst Collin is a social media star and meme boy. Soon we will have highlights and stats of the match. He will share the stats on his Instagram profile with fans.

The boys meme is popular worldwide because of the face reaction. It was taken accidently and shared on social media. It is one of the evergreen meme on web.

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