Director Luke Biggins Death Cause, Obituary (Yellowfish director dies)

When you watch a film or photograph, it’s hard to believe that its director was once just an average guy. But in the world of filmmaking there are many up-and coming directors who have made their mark on society with creativity and talent like no other before them! One such person is Luke Biggins. He was the well known director in United Kingdom known for the ‘Yellowfish’. He started out as your typical working stiff but through his passion for storytelling has created something beautiful by directing videos. He was also the co-founder of the Jacuzzi Films & Studios (2012) which specializes in commercials production. Mr Biggins serves both managing director and producer since 2006. What is his cause of death?

Luke Biggins Death Cause

From the early 2000s to 2010, Luke Biggins was a key figure in British music videos. His output encompassed some of today’s most notable and popular artists like Adele and Coldplay with his creativity paving way for them into mainstream audiences across Europe. He died in October 2021 as per multiple sources from friends who were close enough during this time period; Jasmine Dotiwala wrote on Twitter “RIP LUKE BIGGINS”. She was close to the director. Not only she many other artist and personalities mourned on director’s death.

Education and Profession

luke biggins

Luke is a graduate of Staffordshire University with over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry. He’s worked for various companies, including managing directorships at Yellow Fish Group since 2017 and freelance video directing from 2006-2010 when he opened up his own company – Jacuzzi Films & Studios which has been operational since 2012. He directed few shows and short movies under his studio company.

In addition to being an experienced director, producer and camera operator Luke was also co-founder of another film outfit known as “Jacuz”. Yellowfish is his main recognized work in the entertainment industry.

Luke Biggins Net Worth

No official net worth of Luke Biggins known this time. On guessing, we can say that he made assets and fortune of worth more than $1 million. He had with over 800 productions and companies in the music video profession. Also he worked with artists and stars of UK industry.

The friends of Luke shared a grief message on social media. Also they posted old pictures of Luke and paid tribute to the director on Twitter. Many fans offered prayers to him. The director will be remembered for his work and contribution to the entertainment and music world.

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