Dj Dimplez Death Cause, is Tumi Mooi dead or just rumors

Life is pretty fragile. It depends on many factors but those factors can only extend your life and not avoid death. You may be a superstar or a person on the streets, death does not differentiate anyone from another person. It comes, it takes your life and it goes, that is as simple as that, and you will just watch it as a mere spectator.

Many sources including the close friends and the family of this budding celebrity whose life got cut short have confirmed his unfortunate death.

As far as how he died is concerned, it is not known how and it may come out soon.
His Instagram and other social media accounts are flooded with condolences for him and people are showing support for his family and friends.

Dj dimples Death

The scene of DJs in the music industry has kept many enjoying the music like never before. These stars are an integral part of the music as much as singers, and even more, if it is a music carnival with a lot of people around the scene. Definitely, they add the required sauce to every music scenario from a basic studio to a huge music carnival.

What happened to Dj dimples?

Many of these DJs go on to win trophies and create a life for them that only a few can imagine. They lead a lavish life and enjoy it to their fullest. The life they get from doing these music gigs creates a good feeling for them and their whole family.

SA Music Award-nominated DJ dies an unfortunate death

Here we are talking about a huge and celebrated DJ who made it big but died very young, unfortunately. He is none other than DJ Dimplez whose real name was Tumi Mooi. If you have followed you must be knowing that this celebrity was nominated for SA Music Award and is recognized all over the world as a terrific hip hop artist.

This is big news which is breaking on the South-African music music and social media. The fans mourning on the death of the artist. This is unexpected news which is heartbreaking for the fans on DJ dimplez fans. He was the popular artist from South Africa. The news has been confirmed by the fans on Twitter.

Lot of fans shared the sad emoji on the social media on the death of the South African DJ star.

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