Dj Gio Dead, Sacramento Rapper died in shooting, cause

What Happened To Dj Gio? California Rapper shot dead

Dj Gio is a famous California based rapper who is in the news now because of an reported incident where he has died. Let us look through the news to know what exactly happened to him as he has unfortunately gone too soon and with a lot of musical experience left in him. As per the reports, he died in a shooting which took place in California. Nothing much revealed in this case by the police yet. They are investigating the case.

As soon as the news of this death spread out in the world of internet, his social media handles like the Instagram and Twitter ones have been flooded with condolences and prayers for this amazing soaxul who had taken the world with storm with his amazing musical abilities.

Dj Gio Death Cause

As per the reports we have received he was shot dead but before that his family and friends were searching for him as they thought he went missing from his home. The investigation process that started way before as an incidence where this rapper had gone missing has now turned into how he died investigation process. The rapper’s death has not been received well by his followers who were huge fans of his youthfulness. Their feelings and emotions seems to be crushed now as they lost their favorite superstar to an unfortunate incidence and have no more live musical experience with him left at all.

Dj Gio Net Worth

Dj Gio had a networth only from Youtube at 29,000 USD whereas his networth from other internet sources were not known at all as he had never acknowledged that till his death. Beside this he had many more sources of earning especially from the offline events.

DJ Gio died in shooting

The officers who are involved in the investigation of this unfortunate death have not shared any details regarding the cause till now. No pictures are also shared in the social media as of now, and that might take a bit longer time. Yet we only confirmations of his death over social media. He was the young DJ star and artist from California.

He was growing in the community and had released tracks on the SoundCloud and other music planforms. Tributes poured on social media after his death news gone viral in the fans. Also they are demanding justice for DJ Gio.

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