Dr Wayne Dyer children Sommer Dyer Death and Age

Sommer Dyer, Wayne Dyer Daughter Death Cause. What happened to her?

Well, people are losing their lives daily, but some of them leave a mark on our life for long. One such news of someone passing away stroke the internet with a shock. Wayna Dyer’s daughter passed away later today and the news went viral. People are know taking up their condolences over the internet. Some of them that are not aware are seeking some more information relating to his daughter’s death. So keep following our article till the very end to know more. We are here to keep you going.

Who was Sommer Dyer?

According to the Serena Dyer Pisoni’s Instagram page Wayne Dyer’s granddaughter Sommer Dyer has died. The news has attracted the attention of a lot of the social networks. Her father was American novelist Wayne Dyer and his former wife, Marcelene Dyer. The story came to the spotlight one week after the author turned 82 on May 10. Wayne Dyer’s daughter Sommer Dyer’s cause of death has not been revealed yet However, the information is verified by an Official Instagram profile of the account of her sister.

Dr Wayne Dyer daughter died

Sommer was blessed with a son and settled in Costa Rica. Central American country, Costa Rica. In a lengthy blog post on her sister’s account, Serena described how close she was with her daughter and sister Haze. The actual message also comprised of this line, She wrote, “I love her so so much, and I will miss her all the days of my life. My Sommer, sister, my gayle. The person I followed around like I was her shadow when we were toddlers.” Now people are sobbing the loss of this important person.

Friends and family members of her are devastated by the news. One of the comments reads “Oh my God, We’re so sad. It’s such a tragedy. I’m heartbroken for you. Please know that I’m praying for you…sending my love.” It is not just them, but also the fans who are deeply hurt. We share our deepest condolences with her family, especially Wayna Dyer. Continue to follow us to know the reason behind the cause of death of Sommer Dyer.

Tributes on Twitter

Many users paid tribute to the Wayne daughter as it is a very heartbreaking news for the family.

Also the funeral details will be shared by the family. As of now, very limited info shared with fans.

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