Dreamworld Founder John Longhurst Dies, Family and Net Worth

On social media, the founder of Dream world is getting tribute from all over the world. He seems to be dead today. Let’s just find out who is the owner of dream world? And how is he dead? John Longhurst was the popular name in the Australian business community.

John Longhurst was the owner of dream world, the theme park and the well known personality of Queensland Tourism field. He was among the top entrepreneur and known for the building of gold coast of Dream world. He bought 85 hectares of land as Coomera which is located at northern end of the city. In 1976, he shifted to the Queensland city and indulged himself in the theme park work. Most of the building part is being done by him. From that point, many changes have been made in the interior of building. It has been renovated from many new technologies.

He was an Australian businessman and died at his Gold Coast Home. We came to know the death of John by social media where many people were giving tribute to him on his death. He was at the age of 89. He had been died because of the natural causes. The actual reason behind his death is not know yet. But we will soon update you with this information too. According to different sources, John appeared to be one of the sweetest and kindest person. He poses attractive personality with decent behavior. This is the reason it is hard to believe that he is no more present among us. One of his friends called him very active and vibrant person. John was the father of Australian racing driver Tony Longhurst. Tony was also the former champion of water skier. We don’t have much information about his personal life and married life.

No other statement reveal out form his family side, it is the hardest time to his family and relatives. May god give him courage to tackle this worst situation.

According to the reports, John net worth is estimated to be around $120 million. His primary source of income is because form his entrepreneurship. The Australian public and politicians paid tribute to the business for his work and company. He made his company popular worldwide. Many guys mourned on his death and shared the tribute messages on Twitter. His family shared very limited details of his funeral in public. The company also posted an official message regarding it.

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