Dyshea Upshaw Death, who killed the Dancing Dolls of dd4l

The dancing doll community has been doing great work, but sometimes things strike and we never see them coming. Recently one of the community member passed away, and today again we got a news from our official sources where we got to know that one more person aged 19 passed away. This is saddening, and people are a lot concerned on what has happened. They are sharing the condolences and spreading the news all around internet. If you are looking for more information, then continue to read our article till very end.

Who was Dyshea Upshaw?

The owner of Dancing Dolls, Diana Williams, posted an emotional tribute to a dancer from her dance squad from the hottest event of her career, “Bring It,” on Facebook, confirming that Dyshea perished in an accident. Following the news that spread throughout the internet, many social media users expressed their sympathies. Another Dancing Doll, Shakira Gatlin, 19, was slain by gunfire at the house of a friend on Feb. 2 on the 100-block of Barnes Street in Jackson, Mississippi, as we previously reported. Gatlin was shot in the head by an adolescent guy who was “mishandling the pistol,” according to Jackson police.

The death of the Dyshea of DD4L is very heart breaking. Fans paid tribute to the star on social media.

Dancing Dolls Death Cause

According to the published report, Dyesha died in an accident. Also many fans are demanding a proper investigation in this case.

Earlier we heard the news of the Gaitlin. The adolescent, who claimed the gunshot was an accident, was questioned by police. Erica Robinson, Gatlin’s mother, shared the heartbreaking news of her daughter’s death on Facebook. Gatlin’s death was especially traumatic for Robinson since the bereaved mother was the one who had witnessed their husbands’ terrible deaths as a result of gun violence. Derrick Robinson, a forty-year-old man, was shot and killed in Jackson on September 14, 2021.

How fans reacted to this tragedy?

Many of the Dancing Dolls fans are shocked after the tragic news.

Looks like things may change around soon. People just need to be strong to digest the fact that one more gem died. The authorities are working their way off to get a proper explanation on what may have happened and what actions will be taken against the people who did it. If you want to get regular updates on this, then continue to follow us and we shall update you soon.

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