Edmonton Oilers Ben Stelter Obituary, Death from cancer (funeral)

Who was Ben Stelter? Know the funeral procession and obituary of young Oilers fan

As an ice hockey fan and a community member you might feel bit sad after you hear this piece of news but we need to disclose this to you. This has been one such news which we were expecting round the corner. The young Oilers fan who was behind them throughout the season as they made to their playoffs has died unfortunately now. You might be thinking who if you have not followed ice hockey from quite a time especially this season but do not worry we go your back on this one. He had captured the heart of the whole ice hockey world and not just of his city or team.

Who was Ben Stelter?

Here we are talking about Ben Stelter. This young friend has now officially died on Friday morning. He was just a six year old kid who was very enthusiastic about ice hockey. Every people from the club and the community members arrived at his funeral procession to give him a great farewell. He was a rallying point behind the team in their journey to the playoffs. You might now be getting curious and thinking how he died. This article covers that too. So, let us dig a deep more now.

Ben Stelter cause of death and obituary

Ben Stelter was actually suffering from a very severe disease. He was suffering from glioblastoma which was getting a bit aggressive. In simple words it is a kind of brain tumor that affected this young kid very unfortunately. It was a very sad thing and many people were not giving him many chance to stay alive.

Ben Stelter funeral was at Hope City Church which is near to his home. It is in South Edmonton. His father even did a live stream about it. All his fans were also invited too to his final farewell.

Ben Stelter Funeral

Ben Stelter was a well-loved member of the community and his funeral reflected this. It took place at Hope City Church, which is near to where he lived in South Edmonton even though it’s far from central downtown areas like picture frames for example; all fans who wanted could watch live online thanks dad did before starting service.

The fans are sad from the death news of the Ben Stelter, he was the great fan guy to team.

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