Eight Odd Information about Finland

Finland is known as the land of a thousand lakes. But the little Scandinavian winter wonderland has a lot of strange things. Whether you’re touring the country or just want to learn more about Finland, this article covers a lot of interesting things. Let’s begin.

1. Finland is the happiest country in the world

According to a study by the United Nations, Finland is the happiest country in the world. It was also the happiest nation in the world last year, 2019 and 2018. In the latest poll, the United Nations focused on people’s sense of security based on their country’s response to COVID-19.

As it turned out, the Finns were impressed with how their government is fighting the pandemic. They also rate their country’s infrastructure, education system, quality of life and other crucial factors highly.

And why shouldn’t they? Education and health care are largely free in Finland. There is low crime rates and excellent job security. However, Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands were the second, third, fourth and fifth happiest countries in the world.

2. Finland consists of 10% water

When you say Finland is the land of a thousand lakes, don’t exaggerate. Finland is made up of 10% water thanks to its 187,888 lakes and ponds. Excluded from this are the 36,000 square kilometers of the Baltic Sea, which are under the control of Finland.

Due to its large water coverage, a trip around Finland is exciting but long. Roads must go around lakes, some of which are over 100 miles long. Lake Saimaa, for example, is the second largest seafarer in Europe at 1,700 square meters.

Interestingly, many of the Finnish lakes are shallow. For the sake of clarity, a shallow lake is one where sunlight can reach the bottom. That’s roughly the equivalent of 15 feet 4.5 meters.

3. Have fun playing

Online gambling has been legal in Finland since 1996. The country’s only stationary casino – Veikkaus – has sole authority to offer online slot machines and table games. This means that foreign companies cannot acquire licenses to do business in Helsinki.

However, Finnish laws do not prohibit locals from playing in overseas casinos. Offshore casinos offer better services: higher quality games, bigger bonuses and higher limits for high rollers.

Some casinos, like Dreamz, also personalize their websites to support the Finnish language and local banking options. This makes it easy and convenient to play for both beginners and experienced players.

4. There are 190,000 reindeer in Finland

Finland is called the home of Santa Claus for a reason. 190,000 reindeer live in the northernmost region of the country, Lapland. It’s also incredibly cold, with winters lasting up to seven months.

The reindeer in Lapland are surprisingly domesticated. You wander through Lapland, sometimes in people’s gardens. That means you can make friends with them too and go sledding in the snowy regions of the country.

Finland is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts thanks to its extremely cold weather. Whether you are into ice hockey, skiing, or dog sledding, the nation’s weather makes for an excellent environment to enjoy many winter sports.

5. Finland is the Mecca of saunas

They say numbers don’t lie. Finland is a country of 5.3 million people. Yet it has 3.3 million people – a sauna for two people at a time. There is a sauna almost everywhere in Finland, from restaurants and bars to fitness centers and private homes.

According to the BBC, 99% of people in Finland use at least one sauna a week. The number of sauna visits doubles three or three times in summer. When people aren’t warming up in a sauna, they usually cool off in one of the country’s 188,700 lakes.

Why do Finns love saunas so much? It’s calm, relaxing, and meditative. It’s a place where people relax after a long day at work. And it is so respected that most saunas prohibit eating, drinking, using cell phones, or discussing religion and politics.

6. Popular games are held in Finland

This may come as a surprise to some. However, some of the most successful video games come from Finland. Let’s start with Nokia’s snake game. During the golden age of Nokia, everyone had a Nokia device and everyone was playing the snake game.

Today Nokia is no longer at the top of the smartphone grocery chain. But people still play their snake game through apps all over the world. Speaking of apps, another mobile game that you can download from the App Store – Clash of Clans – was created by a Finnish startup.

Super Cell, the company behind Clash of Clans, is also responsible for other popular games such as Cash Quest, Clash Royale, and Clash Heroes, all of which are spin-offs from the original game.

7. The average Finn drinks 12 kg of coffee a year

How’s that for a statistic? The average person in Finland drinks up to 12 kilograms of coffee per coffee. You can’t really blame them: the winter season in Santa’s land is brutal. Sometimes temperatures drop to -40 degrees Celsius.

Due to the country’s love affair with coffee, some offices divide working hours into coffee breaks. On average, there are four to five coffee breaks during which employees can drink up to five cups of the drink a day.

8. 75% of Finland is forested

If you were wondering why there is so much water in Finland, it may be related to the large area of ​​forest in the country. Over three-quarters of the country is forested, despite the increase in lumbar factories since 2000.

The best part of the Finnish forest area is that it is inhabited by native trees. And since everyone can roam freely across the country, the forests are excellent campsites.

Compared to other countries in Europe, Finland ranks first in terms of forest cover. This is also 16 times the average forest density across the country. As mentioned earlier, the lumbar spine has grown sporadically over the past two decades. If left unchecked, Finland’s vast forest area could diminish over time.

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