el_incognitox on twitter, what is viral video on social media and photos?

Death of celebrities and that creating havoc around the world not something new as far as the daily occurrences are concerned. It is very common especially after the pandemic has happened. Today the celebrity we are talking about is Tytyana Miller who was actually the daughter of very famous Master P. This has actually saddened the whole world who were actually her fans and even her family is in a state of shock as you can expect. This 29 year old had long and bright future ahead which she could not fulfill as of now. This is terrible to be very honest.

The sudden death of Tytyana Miller

The death of this beautiful lady was announced by none other than Master P and he is shocked that his 29 years old daughter has gone too soon. According to Master P, the family of Tytana Miller is actually in a highly grieving state as the pain is really very much unbearable for them. Master P, the founder and CEO of No Limit Records stated about the death, his pain and the grievances of the family in an social media post in the Instagram platform on May 29, 2022 which would have been a great Sunday if this was not happening to their family.

Master P, the father of Tytana Miller has even asked for privacy at the moment very sincerely. He even spoke regarding mental illness and substance addiction which might be indicating that the untimely death of his daughter was may due to self harming activity or the overdose of certain drugs. This is very sad for everyone in the family as they lost their angel. All the people over social media are showering condolences for this stuff and pouring love and support to the family of Tytana Miller now.

El_incognitox is the Twitter account which posted some popular tiktok star clips and videos. It gone viral among audiences.

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