Elf movie disabled makes fun of adults on Christmas occasion

Why the movie “Elf” is into the news on the occasion of Christmas? Elf is the comedy and family movies which was released in 2003. It is in news because it made fun of disabled guys through buddy. Not sure whether it was intentionally or not. The movie is about the comedy based on the disabled people and jokes. This movie was directed by Jon Favreau and was released in American on Christmas. Will Ferrel as a cast played the role of Buddy in the movie. It is just offensive for some guys and now “Elf” trending into the headlines.

ELF Movie Disabled

In the movie, Buddy is a human who grew at North Pole amongst the Elves. Later he went to New York to find his biological father after discovering that he is not an “Elf”. Walter Hobbes (James Caan) played the role of father in the movie. The movie performed good on box office worldwide and made its total collection $200 million business.

It is obvious that this movie is offensive to many and now the questions raised over the jokes and fun made on the disabled adults. Many are criticizing it on the social media.

ELF the movie on Christmas

The offense is because of the character in the movie which is “Buddy”. It seems to be making fun of the disabled adults in the movie. Many left the movie just after ten minutes because of the offensive jokes and characters. Well, we can say that this is not done purposefully.

In the movie, Elves are struggling to exist in the world and Buddy is the man raised by Elves. The story surrounds on this plot. It is because Buddy is different because he is a human. Later he discovers the truth and searches his father in New York city.

The movie explained

The movie somewhere unintentionally hurts the physically challenged adults in country. Many refused to watch this movie on the Christmas occasion. Because it contains jokes and fun of the disabled. This is the reason why this movie is into the headlines of social media. While many took it normal and believed in the magic of Santa. This movie received IMDB rating of 7 out of 10. It is one of the highly criticized movies of longtime in Hollywood industry.

Elf is a popular movie which and theme based movie which deals with story of existence and believe in Santa. It is fun, comedy and family movie.

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