Elijah Lewis Parents (Mother and Father): Missing boy found dead

The cruelty cases in the world are taking up a new picture day by day. One such incident has been reported on Elijah Lewis, a small 5 years old boy resident of New Hampshire. The case was filed last month, according to the reports, Elijah was missing since past 6 months.

Apparently the case took a new turn after the authorities found some body remains near the Ames Nowell State Park in Abington. They are rising up possibility that it can belong to Elijah. Even though it is yet to be confirmed through autopsy that whose body remains they actually are, but as per the missing child report, they are mostly connected to Elijah.

When the case was registered, the authorities took it seriously. As the case was filed by The Child Protective Services, the allegedly questioned about the missing of child since past 6 months and it wasn’t reported by the parents till date. The report was filed on 14th of October and the police officials arrested the mother and her boyfriend on 16th October Westchester Avenue and Bruckner Avenue at around 07:15 A.M. The main reason behind the arrest was negligence, and violated duty of care, protection, and support to a minor (5 years old) child.

The police got to take up investigation against the mother and her boyfriend as they asked the neighbors to lie about their whereabouts. They were even found digging up the nearby area of park few days ago. The main reason behind their lying took over authority’s attention and they are thinking that it was the mother and her boyfriend who murdered Elijah and buried him near the park. Even though the police are looking up for some official evidence they are currently held up for the investigation.

The police has even taken up a search warrant for her home. Currently the name of the mother and father has been revealed, their names are Danielle Denise Dauphinais and Josph Stapf. Looks like the father have no information related to anything. This new turn will bring up some progress in the case of Elijah, let’s see if the justice is served. Police is searching for the the clues and hints to move ahead in the case. The case needs a direction and hint so that authorities can reach to some conclusion.

The death of Elijah Lewis took social media to storm. Everybody expressing their deep condolence to the cute boy.

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