Emerald Fennell Will Seemingly Make Extra “Poison Popcorn” Movies

Emerald Fennell celebrates her first Oscar win. On April 25th, the Promising young woman Leader took home the award of the night for Best Original Screenplay – more than 13 years since the last woman (Diablo Cody) won in the same category. After the show was celebrated, Emerald stopped by the press room to brief journalists on her significant achievements and future projects, and yes, she received another mention from Zack Morris there.

Emerald delivered one of the most memorable acceptance speeches of the night, even though he hadn’t prepared any! She paid tribute to her cast and family, including her young son and baby along the way. These calls were expected, but what was surprising was a reference to Mark-Paul Gosselaar Saved by the bell Emerald remembered saying thank you in her fake speeches at the age of 10 as her “very supportive husband”. 25 years later, Emerald is a little embarrassed to know that her comments announced Zack’s name on Twitter, but she joked when he didn’t. It doesn’t matter “your current pregnancy”, “you should just give it a try”.

Emerald Fennell, winner of the original script #Oscar, talks about her pregnancy and Zack Morris mentions: “If Zack Morris doesn’t mind this situation, we should just give it a try” https://t.co/5gbOExvhJj pic.twitter.com / VssrmH2y9v

– Variety (@Variety) April 26, 2021

Emerald describes her film as a “Poison Popcorn” film, a concept she was previously talking about in the LA Times. She continued to elaborate after the awards show, telling reporters she expected it to be a movie. “People would love to see this, even if it was something difficult and unsettling. It would still be a movie to look around.” your friends, with your friend, and you would talk about it afterwards. ”

Despite being “shiny,” “feminine,” and “poppies”, Emerald purposely created a “gross” plot outside of it with “some very difficult and dark subjects”. It sounds like we haven’t seen her last genre of “poison popcorn” either. “I think that’s probably something I’ll do a little bit in the future,” she added in her remarks.

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