Eric Clapton’s Anti Vaccine Move leads people amused

English Guitarist Eric Clapton persistently in eye rolls during this pandemic Covid-19. He was
consistently addressing about lockdowns, vaccines and other pandemic safety tools. But
according to the recent news of Rolling Stone report of 10 th October 2021, Clapton has
financially helped Rock group (anti-vaccine) to campaign medical Choices.

Talking about the group, JAM FOR FREEDOM, the group of musicians that has the team of
amateur player plays the music across the United Kingdom. The group has been spotted of
singing the lyrics against the covid-19 vaccine. The group mentioned on their websites, that there
is no need of medical devices, drugs and devices to attend their festivals and events. In of the
video which get viral, it has been seen that the members were disputing the police after the later
try to stop their performance for violating noise rules and regulations.

One of the members of group, Cambel Mc Laughlin, 27 years old, told RS that their car had been
damaged in an accident, to back up and running, Clapton not only donated $1360 USD to them
but also offered them his white, six person VW transport van for the temporary replacement.
Cambel was totally shocked and though he might be pranked after seeing this handsome amount
through Clapton. So, he sent an Email on the account through which he received the money
which belongs to Clapton. Eric is remains in touch with the group member Cambel.

For his action, Eric received mixing emotional comments from the public on social media. Some
of the public is in support and some are against.

Eric refused to give the performance after the UK Prime minister Boris Johnson make it
mandatory in July 2021 that only those people are allowed to enter the night clubs who are fully
vaccinated. So, he decided to not present performance on those places which require proof of
vaccination. He made this official statement with the architect and who is also an anti-vaxxer
Robin Monotti through his official account at Telegram. He further stated that he will not
perform in front of segregate public and hence is procure the right to cancel the show.

Eric is a famous musician in world and his net worth is more than $1 million. He is knowns for concerts, shows, live performances, etc. He is aged but have massive fan following worldwide. He receives mixed reponses for his statements and decisions on Twitter. We wish him best of luck for future.

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