Ersan Saner Video emerges on Twitter: PM resigns

The Turkish “prime minister” Ersan Saner from the National Unity Party (UBP), faced the dark side of the efficient and effective usage of social media. On Tuesday evening, a video showing Ersan Saner engaging in online adultery with a woman who claims to be in her twenties and displayed a striptease act in front of the camera. We covered the full story of the prime minister. He has resigned from the position because of the controversy.

Although the video was hard to find in its early circulatory moments it became quite readily available by Wednesday evening. It goes without saying that this had a negative impact on the prime minister’s career, family and mainly the country.

ersan saner

The UBP immediately held a meeting where Saner gave his statement that the video is a fake and that his conspirators had made the same to defame him and to ruin his career. Initially this statement was quite hard to believe but however the media later tracked the same to have been edited on a mobile that was bought on the Greek Cypriot side, and that it was released by a Turkish mafia leader Sedat Peker.

Sedat Peker was famous for his crimes against illegal activities in the north and for publicly exposing various Turkish ministers. On further comments Saner mentioned that there had been rumors related to him that something negative was coming, but the release of this video has shocked him to see the levels his people would stoop to just to defame him.

Being the target of this massive humiliation Saner gave up his upcoming attempt to re-run for elections and resigned from the post of “prime minister” effective immediately. The presently ruling three -party coalition was formed after they lost in majority, hence Saner has requested for an early election. Until further information or post elections between National Unity Party (UBP), the republican party (DP), and the renaissance party (YDP), Nazim Cavusoglu or Unal Ustel will act as a proxy “prime minister”.

It’s a real shame that people would be so cheap as to create such obscene videos to defame their elected rulers, disregarding their career, family or the “image” and “future” of the country.

The people demanding a proper investigation in this case. This is unacceptable for those who is handling the top position in country. Also many fake stories are circulating on social media. Be aware from fake stories and claims.

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