Everything You Should Know About Agnieszka Zulewska

Agnieszka Zulewska is a famous actress, she was born on 26th June 1987 in Ozimek, Opolskie, Poland. Right now her age is 34 years. She became a famous actress by acting as the lead actress in many movies. Everyone calls her a polish television actress because apart from doing acting she also works as a dubbing artist to contribute her voice for animated and cartoon series, movies, and games.

Some of her popular movies made her famous, her first debut movie is “Na Wspolnej” in 2003, “rules of the games”, “in the name of the devil”, and “baby blues” in 2012, “the kiss”, “such a landscape” and “sanctuary” in 2013, “wild berries”, “the captive”, “MC. Clowiekz Winylu”, “oddech jest niedosyty”, “rojst prolog serialu”, “rytual przejscia”, “16.03” in 2016, “me and my father” and “convoy” in 2017, “the mire”, “forgive us our debts”, and “1983” in 2018, “chemo” and “demon” in 2015, “love tasting” in 2020, “silent land” and “squared love” in 2021.

From her acting career, her great performance and acting were praised by many people and became a fan of chemo and the mire movies. She was also nominated for many awards and received the “Zbigniew Cybulski Award”, this award was meant to give to polish actors, and Agnieszka was identified as a polish actress.

Now, she is circulating over the internet to know her marital status because rumors are coming out that Agnieszka was engaged to somebody. Her low-key life challenges are now making her unveil her marital status to social media and the public.

Agnieszka is a private person as we can’t find any leads about her boyfriend on social media too because she doesn’t post anything related to her personal life. But unfortunately and surprisingly she revealed that she is in love with a person in an interview. After this interview, there are no leads or sources of information about that person.

Fans are eagerly waiting for her to reveal her marital status. Apart from the movies, Agnieszka is also into many short films in IMDb, podcast series, and Tv series. Right now she holds 55 credits from the Tv series.

She completed her graduation from the acting department of film and television and also in theater school from Lodz in 2010. During her acting graduation, she participated in many plays and drama which tells about her passion for acting. Her upcoming movie is going to premiere on the “Netflix ” platform on 10th February. Let’s go and watch the movie to experience her acting.

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