Evil Wordle Game – How to play it online, new variant?

Evil Wordle: The new variant of Puzzle game

The chain of Wordle puzzle game is still continuing. As far as we have told you about 8 to 10 variant of Wordle game. And the list is still continuing. Earlier we have told you the game is getting famous worldwide and in 2022 it is on high peak. Here, we come up with new variant of Wordle game which is Evil Wordle. How this new variant is different from the rest ones. We will also see how to play this game.

Evil Wordle Game

We have seen 10 new variant till now. If you have not read it, you can go at our website and can read about it. The game follows the same principle as of Wordle. You can play this game at certain time limit until other alternatives become accessible. You can also customize the word according to you in terms of time mode, length, evil or angel mode. There is an option to share the game after you get success. You have to guess the five letter words. Each day, the word will be new.

Basic rules and link

There are many different categories in this game, including colors and shapes. The green color means you have guessed correctly while yellow indicates that they’re placed wrong – but don’t worry! You can play 24 hours worth of games without stopping. Evil wordle is just a new version of the popular Wordle game.

One can play this game online at https://swag.github.io/evil-wordle/.

How to play this game?

If anyone of you has not played the game yet, then this is the right article for you. We will tell you what the different rules of playing this game are. As told you earlier you have to guess the 5 or 6 letter word. Each time you hit the enter button, there will be the color category of the letters. The green color will show the letter is correct and in right place, the yellow color will indicate that the letter is correct but wrongly placed and grey will tell you that the letter is incorrect. You can play this game once in 24hrs as per the rules.

The game is released on January 2022 and is getting played by millions of users. Many users called is very interesting and addictive. The game is available on the official website and users can play it easily. So, what you guys are waiting for, just go and enjoy the game.

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