Famous Singer “Blacklash” after sharing favorite cartoon character

Recently, worldwide famous singer “Billie Eilish” facing lots of trouble for her bad words in a video. The video is 5 years old. And she confirmed that she he is around 13 or 14r years old that time. She is getting negative impacts for her allegations on anti-Asian words.

This viral video is from an interview of Billie Eilish of 2018. The clip of the interview was posted last week on Twitter. In interview, Billie Eilish reveals the name of her favourite cartoon character Cindy from THE BOONDOCKS.

Her favorite character Cindy is a girl who earlier appeared in a minor character in the comic strip. Cindy appears as a lacking knowledge or attention for racial issues. She is a white girl and known for restock black culture. The character is written by the black creator who has been a joke for black community. Billie Eilish relates herself with the character and said she used to do things like that.

Many people started criticizing the singer after the video get viral. People started posting negative comments on different social media platforms.

One user twitted ‘the story of the Boondocks is all about the jokes related to black community. Even the character is also reflecting black and the singer relates herself to the character which is really concerning’.

Another user tweets ‘he/she is agreeing on branding of Billie as a culture vulture. He/she further wrote that Billie is dominating the black community by supporting the character’.

Another one posted that Billie Eilish, the most confusing character and look who is her favourite character “CINDY”?

While getting these types of humiliation, singer came up with an apology on social media. She apologizes by saying that she is feeling embarrassed and ashamed for using that word. She said she must not use these types of words. She further added, she had never heard this type of word in her family and friends. She said that she was very stupid at the age of 13, although she is not defending it but feeling sorry about her mistake.

Well, she already posted apology to the fans who feel hurt with the cartoon comment.

Eilish’s boyfriend is a big mystery for the fans. The popular singer had not shared any details to fans of present relationship and boyfriend. Looks like Billie is single. Her net worth is huge. She is a millionaire and very famous personality in music and singing world.

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