Fatuma Gedi video on twitter, now she breaks her silence at Parliament

Fatuma Gedi finally breaks her silence on the viral video leak on social media

As we all aware of the daily scandals and videos leaks, this time it is related to the Wajir women’s advocate Fatuma Gedi. She is in the news because she broke her silence on this incident and come up with evidence at Parliament. Everyone is wondering who was behind it? or it was politically motivated. According to her, male politicians paid to make the video to take her down in the state politics.

It is very heart breaking news and none can describe the immense sadness due to the death of totally famous hero Crazy Frog. It has been a long time people were waiting for his performances and the news we heard was death. His family and friends are shocked to hear this death, and even his death has spread sorrow all over the world. His fans are devastated to hear this shocking news about the death of this high rated superstar today.

More about Crazy Frog’s death

Crazy Frog, at the start called The Annoying Thing, is a Swedish CGI lively man or woman and European dance musician based in 2003 through actor and playwright Erik Wernquist. Ringtone company Jamba! The man or woman on the market changed into at the start created to in shape the sound results produced through Daniel Malmedahl even as looking to mimic the sound of a -stroke engine. Crazy Frog created a international hit in Turkey, New Zealand, Australia and maximum of Europe with a cowl of “Axel F” (from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack).

The next album Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits and the second one single “Popcorn” had been additionally a hit on the worldwide charts, the second one album Crazy Frog Presents More Crazy Hits changed into launched in 2006, and the 1/3 album “Everybody” Dance Now changed into launched in 2009. Frog additionally had some of singles, a set of products and toys, and video video games earlier than its 2009 hiatus. A Twitter account changed into created for the man or woman on April 22, 2020, and it’s miles indexed at the respectable website, Facebook profile, and YouTube channel. A new album changed into introduced later the equal day. On December 10, 2021, a brand new single “Tricky” changed into launched after thirteen years.

The video of the Fatuma Gedi was emerged on the social media which started a controversial debate in the political row.

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