Fedex Driver Vincent Paterno Fired for Tiktok Video

Recently, a video got viral very fast. It was related to FedEx driver. Actually, a FedEx driver mentioned in his TikTok video that he will not deliver packages to all those people who are supporters of President Biden. Even the supporters of “Black Lives Matter” will also get denied by him. The name of the person who was speaking in the TikTok video is Vincent Paterno. As soon as video got uploaded on the social media platform, it got viral at a very rapid rate.

After the backlash on the social media, Fedex fired the driver for the video and behavior as this is against policy of the company. The company took an action against and fired him from the job. Vincent Paterno is the name of the driver who has been fired by the company. He was working in courier and delivery from long time. He is 39-years old. The video was shared on social media and it gone viral and reported to the delivery company. He is now out of job and asked for help.

On taking a close look on over the video, it seems like he is sitting in the delivery truck. He was wearing FedEx uniform in the viral video. The officials of FedEx brand felt very ashamed about the happening. According to them, it’s not the belief of FedEx brand to discriminate people on the basis of political or personal issues. However, this person is no longer attached with FedEx Company. According to Vincent Paterno, he is not fired from the job. However, most of the viewers of video are guessing that he absolutely got fired from his job due to the viral sentence said by him in the video. According to Paterno, he had already left the job in the month of August.

We found two different stories of the case: one side of Paterno and other side of company. The delivery company informed of the information in an official statement released by delivery company. They said that worked against the rules and policy of the company.

We can see public’s reaction on the action taken by company. Many supported Fedex for it and others criticized to take such strict actions for just making a Tiktok video. The video and driver is viral on social and headlines. Let’s see what happens next in this matter. Because misuse of social media created trouble for many people.

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