Fila CEO Cris Albert Death in Accident, Net Worth, Family

Singapore Cris Albert Death Cause, age, husband and family of Fila CEO lady 

People who truly makes a difference are the one that we trust the most. But when the pass away and do not leave a track on what’s next, it hurts. One such person Cris Albert died recently. People are now sharing the deepest condolences as they are worried on what may have happened. Many are concluding her death as accident, as a CCTV video is been released against it. To know more accurate details of her death, read our article till the very end.

Who was Cris Albert?

Now the fashion industry is taking a boom as no one is able to digest the fact about Cris Albert been no more among us. She was a well-known figure as she operated FILA Singapore for a very long time. All the skills she pursued came from her mother, and now this comes along a good range on skills. Her dedication was remarkable. She gave her life’s 29 years to FILA, and brought it up to a global brand in a very less time. At initial stage, she joined FILA as a regional manager. She pursed her degree and education in business management.

Cris Albert as FILA Ceo

Chris has prior product management expertise. Fila has been her employer for nearly 27 years. This is one of the main reasons why FILA is a globally recognized brand. She is the dealer as well as the president and CEO of iSport life. She also possesses a master’s license for the Italian cult brand FILA in the Philippines. There are a few things left to say about her and the current news in this post, which you can discover in the following part.

Cris Albert Accident

Now everyone is searching for the reason of her demise, which isn’t out yet. But as per our sources she met with an accident was found dead in a parking lot. Authorities are still searching for more evidences and may conclude it soon. Stay tuned for more information and we shall give you more updates on Cris Albert’s death and demise. We share our deepest condolences with her family and friends.

The FILA CEO spread like fire to the public on the social media in Singapore. Mainstream media headlines also covered the news. As per the reports, she died in an accident. The net worth of Cris Albert will be shared soon.

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