Fishton Ngoy Video: Septa Train Woman Assault Case

Recent ashamed incident where the woman was raped in the public transport, train near
Pennsylvania on Wednesday night. The incident took place on 13th October in Philadelphia, City
in Pennsylvania. Fishton Ngoy is actively accused of this rape case. The 35 years old guy has been
arrested by the South Eastern Pennsylvania Transport Authority (SEPTA) officer on the very
same day.

The more disturbing Inspite was no other passenger came in between to stop the incident. The
entire passengers were not only looking but point out their smart phones at the victim. The only
person who was an OFF duty SEPTA employee called the Transit police officers. The police
arrived within three minutes and arrest the accused on the same moment.

The guy Fishton Ngoy told the police that he recognized the woman and he started the
conversation and their encounter was totally mutual. But the victim denied all the talk of the
accused. The case is being investigated by the professional team. The truth will come out and victim will surely get justice.

The victim is getting treatment in the hospital for the injuries. According to the reports, Fiston
Ngoy came and sat besides the victim at around 10 PM. The train was heading towards the
Westbound on the market Frankford Line towards the 69 th street Transportation Centre. The
accused was continuousoly touching the victim multiple times. The woman was pushing her back
and tried to stop her but unfortunately, he was able to rip her clothes. This shameful assault
continues for 8 minutes, but none of the passengers in the train intervened, the SEPTA authority

SEPTA Police Chief Officer, Thomas J. Nestel III held a conference and raise this issue. He
further stated in the conference that we want everyone to be angry and to be together so that we
can make our system safer. Around 12 to 14 stops passed when the accused was assaulting the
women, reported the authority.

The authorities become more aware after the incidence, making sure that the incident may not
happen again in the future. They also addressing the people to use the emergency button when
they analyze any criminal activity by their side. This is the dark side of our society. This sinful act can be stopped by the passengers if stepped ahead to help the woman. This is shameful act of humanity recorded on video clip. The users on social media criticizing the authority and nearby passengers.

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