Flagle Wordle Game – Today Answer and Hints for flags puzzle

Flagle Game – How to play the countries flag word game?

Now what is this latest variant of Wordle? It seems that this puzzle game has become the addiction in every home. Flagle is the popular puzzle where user can guess the flags of the different country. This version is for those who loves playing the geography puzzle game. Now we are coming up with information about the Flagle Game. Now we will see what this game is up to. We will see how to play this game and how to download it.

What is Flagle?

As the name suggests Flagle, something related to Flag. Yes, we already know that Wordle is all about guessing the word or letter. This word can either be the name of the player from football game or basketball game, or it cans simply the letter. This time users have to find the name of FLAG within 6 attempts. Unlike, Poeltl Wordle game, it does not provide unlimited attempts. As like other games, users can share the game when complete the game and challenge their friends to compete them. The game is little bit different from other variants of Wordle but follows the same principle as others.

How to play Flagle game?

As told you earlier, the game is all about guessing the Flags. These Flags belong to different countries. You have to guess the right Flag in 6 attempts only. Each time you guess the name of the flag, it will provide you a geographical hint. You can only play this game once in 24 hrs. The hint will also provide you the distance from other countries. The clues and the mysterious flag name change every day. This time you will not get any color categories like others.

Flagle is very interesting and straight- forward game. Although the game is little bit addictive like other Wordle game. You can easily download the game from its Flagle website and play it anytime but remember only once in the day. The Wordle games are getting very famous throughout the world. So , if you are willing to play some types of Puzzles, Wordle is the best platform for you.

The game is all about guessing the Flags. These countries’ flags belong to different geographical regions, and you have just six chances per day (or 24 hours) in which to guess them! If your answer’s correct – bam. You win some points if not- sorry pal. Many players try this to analyze their flags knowledge.

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