Florida rapper J Stash Dead, Girlfriend, Net Worth & Death Cause

According to reports, rapper J $tash shot and killed his fiancée in their Los Angeles house, then turned the pistol on himself as his victim’s 3 young kids are in another bedroom.

After responding to a domestic violence report at 7 a.m. on New Year’s Day, police went to the home on the 9200 block of Pentland Street in Temple City, a suburban of Los Angeles. Inside the house, they discovered the deaths of Jeanette Gallegos, 28, and J Stash, 28, whose real surname is Justin Joseph.

When the suspected murder-suicide occurred, J $tash and Gallegos, a new graduate of California State University, are believed to be in a relationship for the previous year. The rapper from Florida allegedly fought with his girlfriend before taking her into the main bedroom of his California house and slamming the door after them, according to police.

Lieutenant Derrick Alfred of the Los Angeles Police Department stated that Jeanette’s three kids, ages seven, nine, and eleven, were standing in front of the room’s door, knocking on it, concerned for their mom’s security. They then dialed 911 after speaking with their grandma.

He described the scene as “tragic.”

After one of the youngsters dialed 911, the three children escaped the house. It’s unknown if she made the call beforehand or when she is shot. When deputies arrived on the scene, they discovered three youths racing at them. They did not sustain any physical harm as a result of their actions.

Gallegos and her children were said to have lived in the house before she died. J $tash had been living at the Temple City residence for a few months after moving from New York.

This rapper is not the dad of the children, according to the lieutenant, and they were currently living with other relatives.

‘At the time, everyone was living at my house, so it was a unique experience.’ Living among that crowd taught me a lot, the most essential of which was to still be professional and to constantly have a lawyer. That’s all I have to say about it.’

He also told the magazine that, aside from music, he wants to focus on “creating enterprises and opening stores in different places.”

‘Of which I’ve been doing quietly on the side,’ he continued.

‘Rapping was just a way for me to get out there and improve,’ she says.

The JStash net worth isn’t calculated. He was the popular and professional artist from United States.

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