Florida Student (Sheridan Wahl) Found Dead in South Carolina


Florida college student, Sheridan Wahl, 21 years old young girl body was found dead behind a fire station in South Carolina. Her car was spotted 2 days after fire into corn field 10 miles away. She was heading towards Myrtle Beach in South Carolina to meet to her father last week but now her father will never see her daughter face again.

Before leaving to the Myrtle, Sheridan talked to her mother on Face Time that she was attempting to rent a scooter on South Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach. But many refused her for giving as she was not wearing shoes. Because of the issue, the fight took place between her and scooter renters. According to the police statements, Sheridan does not want to stay there even for a moment so she decided to come back to her home in Tampa covering 9 hrs of journey. Her mother tried to convince her to stay there for a night but she did not listen to her mother.

Police were searching her since two to three days. Sheridan body was found behind the Hannah Salem Fire Station on a highway west of Myrtle Beach. After 48 hrs her car Toyota Corolla was found 10 miles away from the local fire department in corn field. The body is under taken and carries to the Medical University of South Carolina for an autopsy. The reason behind the death is yet to come.

Sheridan Wahl roommate, Elizabeth Echenique from the University of South Florida created a page with a name of Go Fund Me to raise funds for her funeral expenses. She further stated that she is a “heart of gold”. She loves to make and play music for fun, relaxation either alone or with her friends. She was a healthy and pure soul. She was very much spontaneous person and loves to make you laugh. According to the reports, the page Go Fund Me raises funds for more than $5000.

Her family is so much in demise right now. We can only pray for their strength and justice for her daughter. The police already started in the investigation in the case. The matter is now reached to the social media which this high profile.

Many people are demanding justice for Sheridan Wahl. As they want police to reveal the truth of the case. America saw a rise in the number of such cases. This is reason of an outrage on social media.

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