four Indicators You May very well be Psychic

Do you have psychological abilities? In truth, we all do to some extent. It’s more about where you are on the spectrum as there are a number of “psychic” abilities. This can include anything from a simple gut feeling to spiritual communication. Of course there is a difference between intuition and mediumship. For those lacking the expertise, it can be difficult to determine if your experiences are more similar to the latter.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of signs that suggest you might be psychological. It’s important to remember that identifying with all of these things doesn’t necessarily mean what we hope for. However, once you are confident in your psychological abilities, becoming more aware of the areas you can work on and improve can go a long way.

You feel extreme empathy towards others

Let’s start with a more general type of medium, namely psychic empathy. This person is distinguished by several key attributes. Of course, the primary quality is a strong feeling of empathy towards other people. In other words, you sense and are influenced by others’ emotions, sometimes more than your own.

Another sign is that intimacy has overwhelmed you, especially if you’ve been with another person for too long. This eventually causes stress and therefore requires strict boundaries that can make relationships difficult. Below are some additional key signs that indicate that you are a psychic empath:

  • They drown in the crowd and prefer quieter social environments
  • You tend to isolate yourself and value your alone time
  • You are at peace when you are surrounded by nature
  • You have sharpened your senses
  • They pick up subtle references to people
  • You find it difficult not to care deeply about others

As mentioned earlier, you can potentially relate to all of these points without necessarily being psychological. In such cases, your personality has more to do with it. However, let’s examine some other signs in more detail.

Your perception is unique

It should come as no surprise that psychics see people differently. The obvious reason is that they have synesthesia, a condition where your senses are abnormally configured, leading to different interpretations. This can manifest itself in associating people with certain colors, plants, landscapes, or other non-human elements.

You can even “hear” notes from other people or experience another flash of sensory perception. We don’t hear much about these phenomena as they are rarely mentioned for fear of judgment.

Fortunately, mediumship is becoming increasingly popular and socially acceptable, especially in the field of online psychological readings. This, along with an ever-increasing wealth of information about the psychic world, offers potential psychic seers more opportunities to hone their skills.

As you learn more about psychic readings, you may want to have your own reading done online on a reputable website like Physic Encounters to get a feel for how other media works. Psychological encounter ratings are available to give you an idea of ​​what to expect before making commitments.

Your gut feelings are meaningful

We all experience what we call “gut feelings” from time to time. However, among true fortune tellers, these feelings are not only more common, but also practical in daily life. For example, you may have the strongest feeling about visiting a clothing store at a specific time on a specific day. When you get there, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the piece you want for sale in your exact size – with just one piece left. Or you react to the urge to avoid a certain street in order to find out later that an accident has occurred on that street.

The difference between a gut feeling – also known as an intuitive pull – and a psychic pull is that the latter is also much clearer. It apparently comes from an area of ​​your body known as the solar plexus and manifests itself almost like a magnet pulling you toward or away from something. Among true fortune tellers, this feeling often proves to be life-saving.

Your dreams pour into your waking life

This sign is more or less self-explanatory. As a true medium, you remember your dreams with vivid clarity, and you might even be inclined to write them down every morning. It’s a good idea by the way, as practicing dream memories will lead to stronger memories. You also likely have an excellent ability to read the meanings behind your dreams.

Instead of seeing what you have dreamed of, you can understand what they represent and take that information with you into your waking life. You never reject your dreams or subsequent flashes of intuition as meaningless events that lack practical utility.

How many of these signs do you identify with? If your answer is all of the above, what are you planning to do with your psychological abilities? The sky is the limit so make sure you get the most out of your skills.

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