Framed Wordle WTF Game, Answer for today movie puzzle

Framed Game: The Wordle game designed for movie buffs

Currently the heat of game from the Wordle world is rising high. People are loving the natural instinct of the game and enjoying the overall concept of guessing and playing with words. Similar to many variations of the game, developers have brought another amazing game version called Framed. We understand that the name doesn’t follow the tradition to end with ‘le’, but yet it another amazing game of similar game play. If you are stuck on today’s puzzle of Framed WTF then here is the answers and hints for puzzle.

What’s the Framed Puzzle Today Answer

The hints for the today answer of the movie puzzle are

  • movie was Released in 2019
  • the movie also Won Best Picture at the Oscars
  • It was Directed by Bong Joon-Ho

The answer for the today Framed Worldle puzzle (30 May 2022) is Parasite.

We will update the hints and answer for the tomorrow puzzle. So check it back again for the new answer and updates.

Framed Game

We are looking forward to enjoy this game same like Wordle. What exactly do we have to do? Nothing to be worried about, the game is really similar to all the other variations. You will be given 6 chances to guess the name of the movie. At beginning only 1 frame of movie will be shown, after that you have to choose or type the name. If you choose wrong, then 1 chance will be eliminated out of 6, and another frame will open as a clue. Your aim is to find the name of the movie in less to less chances.

How to play Framed Game? Movie puzzle

The twist is simple, you have to score the highest. We know that you may be thinking what exactly is the theme of the game? Well, the theme of the game is simple, movie and series. You will get various clues such as movie scenes, climax, actor or actress photos, or maybe few words of movie title, so, take up your movie skills, and win the biggest movie based word game, Framed, now. This brain teaser will keep you entertained throughout the day. We know that all the Wordle games allow you to choose and play once a day, so put ‘Framed’ in your day schedule to relax and boost your gaming experience.

Follow us for more such games like ‘Framed’, our main focus is to guide you through latest release of various games. World has made our day routine interesting, and we hope ‘Framed’ will also do the job. So, sit back and relax while playing Framed. If you are movie lovers then must try this game.

The game begins with only one frame of movie, after which you must choose or enter the name. If it’s wrong then there is a 6 out 7 chance that your guess won’t count towards anything. If you have any queries, please let us know. We would love to help you. You can also comment your queries in the post.

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