FYB Trigga killed or shot dead, what happened to him?

Well, we are hearing very sad and shocking news about the Chicago based rapper FYB Trigga. As per the reports, the rapper has been shot dead after he came live on Instagram. We are all deeply commissions to the passing of FYB Trigga. Trigga was the popular and upcoming rapper who was growing in the fans. His death has put an end their rise in popularity- at least for now. The journey is now stopped. We send our heartfelt sympathies out toward family during this difficult time; may he find eternal rest with them soon where it belongs. Let’s read about the rapper’s death cause and his songs career.

Who was FYB Trigga?

While his true identity remains a mystery, many people know him by the handle “ FYB Trigga .” He used this account to post on Instagram and add some humor into everyday life. For example, one day he uploaded an image with $20 in cash next to it that read “Mood: broke.” Other times you can find him giving advice or linking up other viral content from brands like Nike sneakers. He mainly promotes the advertisement content on his profile. Less information found about his personal life and profile.

FYB Trigga video on Instagram

The Instagram live video of FYB Trigga, who was reported to have robbed a gun and then died in an exchange with them has gone viral. Before he shared the location through which you can find him online- something that seemed like suicide until evidence proved otherwise- many wondered how anyone could be so calculating?

It turns out this man had plans before going into hiding: He announced on social media platform Facebook where fans waited eagerly at any chance they got even though it meant missing important updates from their favorite artists or sports teams.”

Who killed FYB Trigga?

The FYB Trigga’s death is matter of investigation by the police. A lot of fans paid tribute to the star. We extend our sincerest condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time. May he find eternal rest, wherever it may be that spirits dwell in the eyes of man or God alike-abroad from us all but never forgotten by those who loved him most deeply.”

The killers will be arrested soon by the police.

The FYB Trigga’s total net worth is expected as around $400K which is made from his popularity and music career on YouTube, SoundCloud and Instagram.

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