Gabe Not Babe Death Cause: GabeNotBabe Car Crash Accident

The latest breaking news is the death of the Tiktok star. She died in a horrific car crash accident. The social media fans and Tiktok fans are in deep shock from this news. Who was Gabe Not Babe? He was popular and most followed social media influencer with millions and likes and followers on his social handles. The influencer entertained the fans by making vlogs, dancing, funny videos on YouTube, Insta and twitter. GabenotBabe was like an internet sensation who ruled fans heart his success and journey.

Who was Gabe Not Babe?

Gabe not Babe was the Titkoker, YouTuber, Instagram personality and social media influencer. He was only 19 years old. The young guy was born in 2002 in United States. His real name is Gabriel Salazar but fans called him by his YouTube channel name which is “Gabe not Babe”. The name is unique in its own meaning. He recently started his Youtube journey and got the 9.5K subscribers. He joined the YouTube in 2017.

His birthplace is Brownsville, Texas. He made his name into the world of social media from the clips and dancing content on Tiktok. He content got huge views and shared in US and UK fans.

Gabe Not Babe Death

Gabe Not Babe died on September 26, 2021 at the age of 19 years. The news is heartbreaking and disastrous for his fans and family. Tiktok fans paid the tribute and posted condolences to this growing young kid. His fan was growing rapidly in the last few months.

He died in a car crash accident in San Antonia. He was rushed to the hospital but it was very late. The friends and family confirmed the GabeNotBabe’s death. The social media got flooded with fans and shocking reactions after this sudden death news broke out.

Tiktok Career and Followers

Gabenotbabe started his professional journey on Tiktok and Instagram in the early 2020. He got the lots of views and love on his video i drop u off after our first time hanging out. Later he made the lyp-sync clips of the songs of Lil Skies and Shoreline Mafia.

His talent was different and unique that’s he got love from his fans.

He died in San Antonia, Texas in an accident. It is not revealed who was driving car and why this incident happened. Things will be cleared soon after the investigation report.

Gabenotbabe was youngster who was about to complete his education by next year.

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