Gary F Poste Zodiac Killer Identified, Pictures &Obituary

We are here with some breaking news of the 1960s San Francisco killings. The name and idenitiy of the suspect has been shared to the social media. The serial killer who is identified is Gary Francis Poste. A team of 40 law members, police, offifcers and cops reached to a conclusion and shared a sketch of the killer. The sktech photo of Gary F Poste was shared to users on social media which is now viral and appearing in major forum discussion. The 2007 Netflix’s film Zodiac was based on it and shown the horror terrific story of the killings.

Who is Gary Francis Poste?

Gary Francis Poste is the zodiac killer who name and picture has been identified by the police. He had died 6 years ago. According to reports, he was never caught by police and passed away in 2018. The past criminal records tell that he was involved in other crimes too.

The name came out almost after 52 years of killing of high school students. It was a challenge for the investigation team to conclude the case. Because the killings and case was too much highlighted in the media and public.

Gary was arrested in past by police but not for these killings.

Gary F Poste Zodiac Killer

The users took this news quickly and started matching the sketch pictures with different idenities. Most of theories are fake which are circulating on social meida. The pictures of the killer are trending and already highlighted on the news media and social accounts.

It was hard to ccolcude this case because suspect used the encrypted codes, messages and different ways for killings.

Case Breakers is the special group which resolved this case after investigating for years. Poste is accused of killing over 37 people in US. His reign of terror ended in San Francisco after years.

Is he dead or alive?

Gary F Poste died in 2018 according to investigators. No evidences were found against him in past. The Zodiac killer is the nickname of the killer.

Now, the investigating team found various links and evidences which proves Gary’s involvement in the 1960s killing.

The other background profile of Gary F Poste isn’t discovered yet. No one knows what was the motive of him behind the murder and killings.

The different Zodiac killer pictures are being shared by the users. According to some people, he enjoys killing the people for no reason. He was a physcho killer.

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