Giant crocodile kills and eats 8 year old: Watch video

A gigantic incident had taken place in a river while a girl is taking bath with her friends, all of sudden a giant crocodile attacked that 8-year-old little girl and eat her in front of her friends. Forest authorities had found the remains of that poor young girl earlier this Friday.

What is girl name?

This girl’s name is Suchi Ramadhani, on Wednesday she went on a trip with her friends to take a bath in a nearby river, the incident was reported by her friends and officials said that girl was attacked by the giant crocodile in Teluk Kayeli district of Buru Island.

Korpos Rahmad Namlea is the rescue official in Ambon city, he reported that friends are watching during the young girl crocodile attack and they were in complete shock at the time of the incident.
When local people were alerted, they stabbed that large crocodile with a huge spear when a young girl’s head was evident inside its mouth.

8 year old killed by crocodile

Usually, the river is known as “infested with saltwater crocodiles” Namlea reported that “from past 10 years there are at least 2 attacks by a crocodile” and he confessed that when we cut the crocodile into the stomach, girl remains were not found.

Habitually, crocodiles will attack the people when human interaction occurs its attack on that location, they are called “opportunistic predators” they can creep below the water surface and will wait until the prey is unaware of the predator before attacking.

Giant crocodile 8 years old video

Crocodiles are unlike close relatives to the alligator and are more likely towards the attacking mode on humans unprovoked. On average, they are 3 feet bigger than the alligators with tear-designed teeth because their teeth are used to crush the prey.

In the U.S. humans are more likely to get attacked by alligators compared to crocodiles, as these kinds of sorts are very common when crocodiles had become into 14 different species.

This case was again repeated 2 times with a 9-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl who went missing in the same area and later found a dead body near the river rather than in the crocodile’s stomach. Rescue and search teams were very attentive after the continuous attacks by the crocodiles and are trying to locate the traces to keep them as avoided areas.

Everyone is shocked from this horrific accident. The administration urged to take precautions and do not underestimate the wild animals.

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