Gordle is Hockey players guess Wordle game, answers and hints

Play Hockey version of Wordle, Gordle

You might be heard about the words game these days which are popular in which you have to guess about the puzzle within certain time limit. Earlier, we have told you that we have around 300 versions of Wordle. And we have already talked about some of them. This time we came up with another version of the Wordle. This new version is already in the hit list since 2022. We will let you know about this game and tell you the directions about how to play this game. We hope this game will be interesting.

What is Gordle?

So if you love hockey and puzzles, so you are at right game to play. This new game is all about guessing the letter with the last names of hockey players. You will get limited chances to guess the correct answer. Like other games you can only play the game once in the day. You can also share the game to the social media and challenges your friends too. The game might be very addiction but knowledgeable too. You might be get five to six chances to guess the correct answer. You have to fill the letters in the square grid.

How to play the game?

As told you earlier, that you will have to guess five letter last name of the player in five to six chances. According to the rules, if your letter is correct and is on the same place, the square grid color changes to green. If your square grid color changes to yellow, it simply means that you have put the correct letter but in the wrong place and if your square grid color is grey, it means your guess is incorrect. You might be addictive to the game. The game is mostly for the people who have sound knowledge of hockey players name. The names can be from any of the country across the world.

Wordle game is getting huge popularity across the world. People find it very interesting. You can click on the link and play the game easily in online mode. So what you guys are up to go and play the game.

If you love the Hockey game and want to play the unique words puzzle game then Gordle is best suit for you. It has wide variety of unlimited puzzles for the game lovers. The daily answers comes with proper hints to this puzzle game.

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