GSU Officers viral video: Graduates faces trouble over statement

This is the new era of Social media, because everything which is uploaded is attracting the people with memes and those videos or photos are becoming viral within seconds. Now, a new video has gone viral. That video consists of GSU graduates with trouble taking over the recklessness and irresponsibility as remarks.
This video is portrayed by the condemned of NPS (national police service), they pointed out the behavior of GSU officers (general service unit).

GSU viral video

The viral video is uploaded with 30 seconds, the video is totally about the young recruits who are saying that it was a bad squad in the red beret and they are coming out towards NPS. This behaviour is objected to under the Kenyans section with the heavy remarks and titled as threats for the general public.
From a recent source news states that “NPS is termed as the heavy remarks under the behavior of reckless and irresponsible by adding the measures which are very appropriate for the actions against the NPS officers” this was issued on Wednesday night.

NPS issued statement regarding video

NPS again stated in a interview that “we are willing to assure and clarify the issues regarding GSU students to the public and about the video which is released about the behavior” these video clips are not reflected against the values and are not acceptable because those rules are against the KPS, NPS, and GSU.

Many social media users confess their thoughts that behavior of them is not acceptable and graduate students are going through value-based training with a rigorous model under the democratic policy of design and principles for projecting the responsible officers under the law of citizen service. After the video went viral, many of them are raising negativity against their rules and for this situation, police urged the public to decrease the negativity and to be calm when the internal review has started under their police investigation.

NPS stated that “by taking many oaths about the duty and rules, allegiance are taking part in testament and graduation under their service duty and sanctity” these remarks mentioned in the video are making further clips to make a standard condemnation.

GSU is now owned for their aim and focus on producing responsible officers and high discipline. These internal reviews of incidents are also viewed for preparing the appropriate measures.

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