Gwen Stefani Celebrates Bridal Bathe | Photos

Gwen Stefani gets ready to tie the knot with Blake Shelton! On June 10, the bride-to-be celebrated her upcoming wedding in an intimate get-together with mom Patti Flynn and sister Jill Stefani as well as family and friends. “I was kidnapped by my family to celebrate my marriage!” said the singer on Thursday in her Instagram Stories. Gwen also shared some cute gifts and flowers from the laid-back occasion, including a heartwarming card from her family saying something old (a bulk brochure from her parents’ wedding), something new (a drawing of the gift box she received) and ” something “shows borrowed and blue” (a piece of jewelry). “To feel loved, to be blessed,” she wrote in her stories.

In October 2020, after five years of dating, the singers got engaged to what Gwen called a magical marriage proposal during a sweet getaway at her Oklahoma ranch. Although a set date has not yet been announced, Blake shared that he hoped to get things official in the summer. Looks like the big day is around the corner! Keep scrolling to see photos of Gwen’s sweet pre-wedding celebration.