Has Logan Losurdo found or not? Missing Update report

Was Central Coast Logan Losurdo Found? Parents Assume He Died

Logan Losurdo had gone missing from Central Coast for quite a time has been sadly announced his death. This has been unfortunate stuff for everyone who knew him. His dead body was recently discovered and it confirmed his death.

It had been a long search for Logan Losurdo, but his body was finally found on an army beach. The New South police identified him as the man who went missing from November 25th 2020 and it all makes sense now why they were so desperate to find this person.

Is Logan dead or alive?

Logan Losurdo had gone missing for quite a time, to be exact he was missing since November 25th, 2021. The question here arises where his dead body was found. His death was finally found on a Soldier’s beach and was easily identified by The New South police.

After confirming all the checkups, he was confirmed regarding being dead and the information was finally confirmed to his parents.

If the reports are to be believed the dead body was found on that beach by the police of New South Wales 2 weeks back. The process of identification and announcement took time so that everything can be confirmed.

News and Update

As last told and confirmed by the Daily Mail, Logan was last seen walking and strolling around Wilfred Barrett Drive on Pebble Beach Avenue. This was during 1:15 am but after that, he went missing around 8:15 pm after night. Anyone could hardly find this man after that and there were no traces of where he went.

The police had done an extensive search and were doing their job to the best of their abilities to find this young man alive and hand him over to his parents who were already in a state of trauma for not finding their son. Unfortunately, he came to them as a dead person. Even his parents were involved in this search operations but everyone failed collectively to find this young man. Several pages were also created to assist his parents to find him.

People have already started to give tributes to this dead man, including his friends and family whose heart is already broken.

Logan was last seen walking and strolling around Wilfred Barrett Drive on Pebble Beach Avenue at 1:15 am. After that, his scent went missing between 8 pm when it seemed like he disappeared into thin air! There are no traces of where this man has gone which makes us think something happened to him.

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