Heardle 70s Music Game, guess and listen to old songs puzzle


How to play the Heardle 70s game. A music guess puzzle based on old songs of the 1970s period

The formula for Heardle 70s will be quite familiar to everyone who had played Heardle game previously but this comes with a new twist. This game is based on the old songs and music of the 70s decades period. However, you are still limited to number of guesses, which significantly increases the difficulty. Similarly, there is a new Heardle 70s challenge every twelve hours rather of the twenty-four in base game, so you’ll need to check in twice a day to stay current updated with this game.

Heardle 70s Game

70s Heardle
70s Heardle

Listen to the intro, then find your way through a 70s-themed maze. You have 30 seconds per attempt. Skipped songs aren’t unlocks for you. They’re just more challenging than what’s waiting in front of us right now so try not miss too many turns or else it’ll take twice as long before we get back here again.

You can share scores with friends on Facebook once done playing by selecting “Share Score” from within the page.

Heardle’s solution guide will assist you in this unapproved spin-off of the enormously popular music game that boosts the challenge by old songs. We’ll also demonstrate how to play this slightly more difficult version of the game, as well as how to complete some of the early tasks.

Rules and How to play?

Now you can play music from your favorite decade without having to move! The 1970s are all about groove and soul, so why not get back in touch with that old school feeling? This game is for anyone who loves the sound. Start this new game to see how fast you can guess the mystery song. You’ll have six tries before it locks up and becomes harder, so work quickly! Play some of what’s playing in order find out if its correct or not by looking at one letter after another until all words have been guessed correctly ‘then share your score with friends online’.

Play Heardle 70s with friends

Heardle has a sneaky way to get you past expired puzzles. All it takes is adjusting your device’s calendar time by one minute, and voila. You’re back in business with an older challenge that will never go away again unless they decide so on their end (or we convince them). Get here the daily answers of the Heardle music puzzle. It is the new version of game which is more complex and harder than the original. For other variants, you can try the Heardle 00s version of the music game which sets challenge to the songs of the 2000s.

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