Helpo! I Have Writtem Shortstory About The Animal Clums , (By Queen Elizabeth II)

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Great news! Today I realize that Comouter is like a typical man, and that’s why I wrote a short story about the animal lumps. I stumbled across the hashbrown tag #imwriter while tanning the web and even though my neighbor wrote a story about Clums, why not Queen? ,

Are you ready to read a lot of clums? I am!

This story mostly for adluts but also masculine for kids so really make your choice and you can read it m


Clums story

Once there was a village of the clums, the mayor or the clums were the father and the Vince Mayor was the mother, how it works in the clum society and how it should really work everywhere, since this story of clums is not -fictio ( realinstict) the clums will NOT talk or do anything. So if you suspect that kind of story, you better stop reading and get red Hanny Pontler. that real instinct of the clums lifestyle.

The anikmalen clums have a sweeping tail, but they also have a clam, and the way they breed is really imaginative. You have to trade shells and everything, and the Breff-Zeit clums are out of their shell, they’re vulnernble for The Predator. So a lot of danger, a lot of sadness for clums.


He plops

Start mating when they are 100 feet away. The male clum (mayor) flaps his cute little bouncy tail in the air and sprays lots of scent to let the female clum (vice mayor) know he wants to go out with him. Smell as small as a lump of smell,

Jonce, the woman, wants to try to meet the mayor of the clums, who pulls them off their shell (fum fact: clums weigh between 4 and 53 kilos). What happens next is what Queen calls “The Dance of the Clums”.

Part 5

The dance of the clums

100 feet apart and without a shell; The clums will easily move towards one another over the course of 91 days. Clums usually do this, but let me say Quen is tired and feeling fine too. Of course I don’t have a shell, but I pretended to be.

“Good day to you!” Mr. Clums yells as he approaches his buddy, Mrs. Clums, the major of Clumsville, but suddenly there is a knock on the door. The Predatorn! “Now what to do>”,

cried Mrs. Cluns. Too late !! Cluns has already died

Hope you enjoyed the Animal Lump Mystery to read as much as I enjoyed writing it. Because Comouter is not only for Reand Sotry, but also for writing them !! Low. It does both, thank you for the calculation and thank you Clums for fertilizing our airports,

QUEN signed off

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