Heluvara on twitter video of Primark Mall Fight

Well, fight videos and other such viral kinds of stuff are something due to which many people are stuck with the internet nowadays. That is fun and usually, a good way to pass the time for many folks around the world with ease and without any doubts at all.

Every single day we get some new videos and we just get curious and jump into the trend to watch that video. Primark fights Twitter video is one such video that has got viral. Now as we are covering it let us go deep into it to understand more about this fight video.

Primark fight Twitter video

Well, it starts with someone yelling at other. If the words can be heard properly, it says that he will fight the other one within the health club itself and the assault starts pretty soon after that. That is a very horrifying incident that actually took place inside a Primark store that was present in Chatham excessive avenue that is located in Kent.
This was a sort of kicking and attacking bareback that we rarely see nowadays in real life and that happened in front of many people who were shocked watching that horrible incident.

What is the whole incident?

Both the men were unidentified and were fighting against each other. As the arguments and disagreements turned ugly these fighters started to fight against each other before anyone else could come between and stop that ugly fight.
As of now, the police department has gotten involved and is trying to solve this issue as soon as possible. The investigation is going in a full swing as this is a very serious case that needs to be investigated for public safety. The video of the fight in Primark, Kent might be looking funny but in real life that is actually very dangerous.

Heluvara on twitter video

The viral video came from the mall of the United Kingdom. The video was shared on the social media, Twitter platform. The netizens reacted quickly on the incident video on the social media. Now, the clip gone viral among users.

The fight video was titled as the Primark Mall Fight. Many users are looking for the full incident story. Our team is investigating to get the full story of the fight incident from the officials.

Also users commented to take action on such videos uploaded to the public accounts on web.

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