Here is When Shameless’s Closing Season Will Be on Netflix

After a decade is the final season of Shameless is finally here. Showtime’s family drama is currently airing in its eleventh and final season. When will the final season be on Netflix? Neither Showtime nor Netflix have announced an official date, but based on history, we’re pretty sure we’ll have to wait a while.

Season 11 arrival on Netflix largely depends on when the season airs on the Showtime linear network. However, as with many shows currently on the air, there is a pattern that we can follow to at least get an idea of ​​it! There is usually a six-month break between the last episode of a season being broadcast on Showtime and the arrival of the entire season on Netflix. For example, the previous season ended its Showtime run on January 26, 2020, and the entire season 10 debuted on Netflix six months later, on July 26.

The series finale of Shameless is currently airing on April 11th. If the pattern continues one final time, we can expect the entire final season to hit Netflix sometime in early to mid-November. At this point, you can watch the entire saga of the chaotic Gallagher family, from start to finish, all 134 episodes! Of course, this was all supposed to happen last year: the final season was originally scheduled to air in early 2020 and last summer, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, filming obviously had to be pushed back a few months to move on to the actual airing date for that year instead .

Accompanying the last season of ShamelessShowtime also produced a mini-series of retrospectives that look back on the journey of each of the main characters. The programs were broadcast from December 2020 to February 2021. There’s still no official word on whether they will be part of the show’s streaming deal with Netflix or whether they will remain Showtime exclusive.