Hockey Player Alex Klekotka Death, Obituary, passed away at 23 years age


The ice hockey world is shocked by the recent news of the death of an upcoming star. It has been reported that junior ice hockey team Kenai Bears announced the death of Alex Klekotka, who is their former assistant captain. How old was he? And what was his professional hockey career in game.

Alex Klekotka Age

The professional player, Alex Klekotka was just 23 years old when he passed away.

Supporters are now condolences on many social media platforms. Many people are not believing after hearing this terrible news. This player was on his way to becoming a legend before dying tragically.

After hearing all this news and reports, online tributes kept on following. He passed away on 18 December 2021, Saturday.

Alexa Klektotka was well known for being the former assistant captain of this team which is in sorrow. It is a Tier II junior team for the North America Hockey league, in ice hockey. It is based in Soldotna, Alaska.

Kenai Brown Bears pours condolences

This hockey team has taken to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to announce the death of their superstar Alex Klekotka.

The photograph of this former player was in black and white, clearly showing the sorrow for the death of the superstar.

Few words can never express the depth of this would be a legend’s death. Alex Klekotka’s family needed some private moments in this hour of sorrow.

This superstar player, Alex Klekotka is very famously known as being an ice hockey player from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and had attended schooling in Northview High School, according to his social media profiles.

In LinkedIn, it is shown that the star player had attended Grand Rapids Community College from 2017 to 2019.
Recently, according to reports, he was attending Aquinas College in Grand Rapids as a senior student who was studying Sustainable Business and Marketing as his bachelor in science from the year 2019.

He had his playing time in Kenai River Brown Bears for a good time of 3 years and later started to play for Aquinas too.

Unfortunately, the death just not only cut short his life but also his career which could have taken him very far.

Fans on social media

Fans mourned on the death of the hockey player and paid tribute to the sports star. His death is a big setback for team who was doing good in matches. The family and team confirmed Alex’s death news on Twitter and cause.

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