How did Ebi Nurse Die? Ebiowei Porbeni NurseLifeRN Death

Who was Ebiowei Porbeni? How did he die? Those who don’t know who was Ebi Nurse then this post right fit for you? Ebiowei Porbeni was the ICU nurse and founder of the NurseifeRN. It is platform which is used by the millions of the users for sharing memes and sarcastic content. It is media agency for the social media marketing in the nursing community. Ebi was living in the Los Angeles, California. He did a great job by creating the Nurselifern. He was also a brilliant comedian and funny man. He made everyone laugh whom he met.

Who was Ebiowei Porbeni?

Ebiowei was an American entrepreneur, nurse and comedian. He spent seven years in the field of nursing. No information whether he was married or net. He was living with family in California. He has over millions of followers on his Instagram page. This indicates the influence of Ebi Nurse on the public. He was loved and liked by the public.

He is considered as one of the gem in the healthcare industry. His ethnicity was black. He created the Nurselifern in 2017 which turned out to be big success in the United States. This changed the identity and life of Ebi.

Ebiowei Porbeni Death

Ebiowei died because of the cancer disease. He was diagnosed with the Leukaemia. He passed away on July 22, 2021 after a long battle with cancer. He was a tremendous man who did good things for the others. His death is very shocking for his friends and family.

Thousands of users posted the tribute and condolences messages on their timeline. A fund raiser page was also created on the Gofundme for raising the funds for his treatment. Users contributed the donations for saving the life of good man.

Ebi was the professional basketball player in the University. He played over 60 games in the court.

Instagram Profile

Ebi was on Instagram where he had over million followers following his page. The official page of the Nurselifern is having 1.2 million followers and total 8175 posts.

The martial status of Ebiowei is not known. Seems he was single and not married.

He was qualified from the Malone University in the Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc). He spent years in the nursing community. He was the professional in his job. He earned a lot love and respect from nursing community.

His death news is a big tragic news for all. A brave personality has gone today.

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