How much is Mark Daeche net worth? Wife, Divorce and Daughter

The life turns pretty soon and have value that isn’t easy to find. Couples surely have many things in common. Sometimes, one person’s fame rises up the other half in the relation. Mark Daeche is the ex-husband of multi-millionaire Amanda Cronin. We will be reading about the couple and their net-worth in this article. So stay tuned to know more about it.

Amanda’s full name is Amanda Croline Cronin. She was born in 1974 and her current age as of 2022 is 45 years. She is a multi-millionaire model and she took on the skincare streamline in the year 2020 (recently). Amanda also broadcasted a new show called ‘Millionaire and Me’ on 14th of February 2022. She used to into the main headlines for her relationship with Mark Daeche who is a businessman. He was the second husband of the influencer Amanda Cronin.

So why is Mark Daeche? Mark is the ex-husband on Amanda Cronin. He is the owner and founder of ‘First Utility’. He have a lot of well-known firm under him especially in the telecom industry. He was the vice-chairman of Atlantic Telecom back in 2000. Mark Daeche and Amanda Cronin lived together for few years and later got separated from each other.

Amanda and Mark has a daughter age 28, she is a graduate from Parsons School. Her name is Sofia Alexandra Yaganeh. The couple got divorced back in 2015, which is almost 7 years. But they didn’t stop succeeding life. We are not aware about the reason behind their divorce, but we surely know that the couple did well off in their life.

Currently, Mark Daeche and Amanda Cronin together net worth is almost 50 million dollars. We do not have much information on their current dating life, but Amanda is currently dating a Canadian. She recently purchased a mansion of almost 3 million pounds (as she is a British resident). Amanda is active on social media Instagram. She currently has 61.6k followers. Her Instagram handle is @amandacarolinecronin.

Mark Daeche is a millionaire business personality in UK. He made huge profits and name in the industry from his business and skills. He also appeared on the different TV series with ex-wife.

The couple are individually dealing with their own lives. Both busy in their career, right now Mark and Amanda are just good friends. Their bond with each other is just because of their daughter Sofia. For more information relating to these celebrities continue following us on AbsoluteGeneralNews.

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