How much is Melissa George? Death Meme Gone Viral

Melissa Suzanne George, an Australian American actress posted a meme on her social media which get viral across the world. She posted a photograph with a white board and the message was written on that was “Every dead body on Mt. Everest [sic] was once a highly motivated person. So… maybe calm down”. After this post many people are asking is she OK? Or she might be facing any trouble. Even most of the people are connecting this post with the death of his costar Dieter Brummer. Let us reveal what is the exact reason behind this post. If you eagerly want to know, then keep reading this article.

Dieter Brummer is best known for his role as a Shane Parris in Home and Away. He and George were romantically involved in the show. George played the role of his on-screen wife Angel Brooks. Although both the actors were playing romantic role on screen but they don’t like each other on real life. This statement was stated by Brummer himself to WOMNEN’S DAY magazine in 2019. He further stated that they both have pressure, as they have to look like a darling couple in front of all.

Last week on 24th of July Brummer was found dead in his home Sydney. He was around 45. As soon police got the news of his death, they started investigating the whole scene. Cops told that he attempted suicide. His sudden death awestruck everyone close to him.

Melissa found silent on the death of his co-star. She did not pass any statement about his death in Media. Even she had not posted any comment on his death on Social media. Even she had not responded to the Questions on Brummer Death asked by Daily Mail Australia. This may be due to her bitter relationships with her co-star.

Melissa post is still on debate but the best one can understand from the post that it’s a warning to people who take difficult projects without concerning about the dangerous effect, The Daily Mail reported.

We would like to inform the fans that the death reports are fake which are circulating on the social media. She cleared up all the rumors in official comments and posts. She received fame for her work in the popular comedy sitcom “FRIENDS”. She also worked in movies and TV shows. Her net worth is close to $10 to $15 million. She is one of the charming and beautiful in the United States.

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