How to fix Instagram Highlight Cover Glitch? Why not working?

Lately, Social media has been taking up majority of our life spaces. Any small glitch or bug makes us feel tensed as it involves with a lot of our daily life chores. Recently, Instagram highlights feature was found to have a minor glitch. Avid users are pointing it out around other Social Medias and looks like they are really frustrated of it.

What is the glitch issue?

As per the reports, the glitch is persisting of the highlight feature in stories. The actual functioning of the story features work in this way, a user uploads a media (image or video) and it remains for 24 hours in their story. The highlight features help the users to prolong the visibility of the story in the account. Users can choose a specific photo in order to maintain a good visibility for visitors.

But on 16th of November, a glitch was reported where users complaint that the highlight images were getting changed. The concerning part is that, it made the profile look uneven. Some users have tons of highlights to showcase and this glitch spoiled it. Many users took their concern over Twitter in order to seek some help. Looks like it’s going to take some time to get rid of it.

Instagram hasn’t completely acknowledged the bug or glitch from their side yet. But they are apparently fixing it. The issue is persisting from the Instagram server side. In-case you are looking to fix the issue, some users have given minor solutions.

How to Fix Instagram Highlight Cover Glitch?

A Twitter user with handle @TennyTattertots have confirmed to have found a work-around for the glitch.
As per the user, the issue is persisting because users are selecting the highlight cover photo from a previously selected cover photo. To fix the bug, simply choose an image from your phone’s album.

Final Verdict

If you are facing the similar issue, do not worry. Instagram team is trying to fix the issue as soon as they can. You can try the fix that we mentioned above. Continue to follow us for more updates relating this Instagram Highlight Glitch.

Instagram has been aware of the bug or glitch from their side for some time now. But they have yet to acknowledge what it is exactly, and how you can fix this persistent issue on your end? Well thankfully a number of users have come up with different solutions which may work in case nothing else does.

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