Hulk Hogan new girlfriend Sky Age, Instagram, divorced from 2nd wife

Hulk Hogan is a retired professional wrestler and television personality from the United States. He has been called “the most famous man in America” by Time Magazine, which calls him one of history’s greatest entertainers.” Today, he made breaking news into the headlines because of the relationship and wife. He announces his divorce from second wife Jennifer McDaniel . And the interesting thing is that he is in the relationship with new girlfriend. Hulk Hogan’s new girlfriend name is Sky. He shared the photos on the social media with his new girlfriend. The fans are very curious to check his new girlfriend pictures and Instagram.

Who is Hulk Hogan’s new girlfriend?

The Hulk Hogan’s new girlfriend name is Sky. She is also a retired wrestler.

Sky’s parents are from Poland and Italy. They met while they were both living in Texas, but their actual connection to the country that produced velvet roots dates back centuries earlier than this! The name “Sky” comes from an old English nickname for Spain: “Cielo Alto” which means ‘high sky’.

Sky was previously in the relationship with Bubba Ray Dudley. They are separated now. The new chapter of her life with Hall of Fame wrestler Hulk Hogan is already began.

hulk hogan girlfriend

Sky’s Wrestling career and life

She’s a beautiful person inside and out, which is why she was given the nickname “Velvet” by TNA executives. She has since gone on to become one of their most memorable characters in history.

A retired professional wrestler from USA currently signed with NWA as color commentator/ interviewer and formerly employed at wrestle Woman.

Hulk Hogan announced officially about her new girlfriend on the Twitter platform. He mentioned her name and asked fans to check the Instagram profile for the pictures of the Sky with him. He is a popular wrestler with over $30 million net worth and other expensive properties in country.

Hulk Hogan’s girlfriend Instagram Pictures

Hulk hogan and Sky
Hulk Hogan with Sky

Hulk Hogan had shared the pictures on her Insta profile with her new girlfriend Sky. Hogan has massive fan followers of 1.2 million on the Instagram.

He also announced his divorce from the 2nd wife. He is separating from his wife and starting a new journey with Sky.

Hogan’s success in the wrestling business has led him to be one of America’s most successful restaurateurs. His chain, Pastamania! is popular around the globe with locations including Rome and Tokyo and just some examples on how far this man will go for his love affair over food.

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