Hunter Lee Soik Anna Delvey boyfriend, is this true or not?

Anna Sorokin is a Russian-German convicted fraudster. She disguised herself as the Anna Delvey and claimed to be German heiress for the lavish life. Her story recently seen in the Netflix’s latest series.

Anna Delvey unbelievable true identity is revealed that she is not the right person with name. Her original name was Anna Sorokin. She was born in Domodedovo , Moscow on 23rd January 1999.

Coming to her family details. Anna had an elder sibling. She was the younger one in their family. The family had shifted to New York in 2013.

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The dark side of Anna Delvey came into limelight that she swindled a whopping amount of 27500 dollars from hotels, banks and other wealthy acquaintances. She escaped from paying the bills by breaking the legal actions.

She enjoyed the great and luxurious services without clearing her payments and managed to roam like a free bird with her fraudulent techniques. Anna Delvey knows as the “soho grifter” because of her pranks and also described herself as the “trust fund baby”.

Finally her tactful games came to an end. In 2019 she was found guilty in the eyes of law for four charges of theft of services and other grand thefts. For her deeds she spent some of her years behind the bars as a result of legal punishment. But she was liberated from jail in February 2022.

As Anna became popular in social media with her shocking revelation. There were so many gossips and rumors are circling about her private life in social media.

According to some sources its reported that Anna Delvey had a boyfriend named hunter Lee Soik. As she posted few photos of him in Instagram. This gave a suspicion to the people that they might be a couple.

Hunter Lee Soik is a Korean-American futurist. Who was featured in the new Yorker in 2013, developed a software related to his dream and resided in Dubai. Soik worked as a creative consultant and also fond of reading the books like Freud, Jung and Allan Hobson on dreams etc. He learnt about academics in japan relevant to the neurological process.

The rumored boyfriend was 40 years old and he is sheltering temporarily on lease basis in Berlin, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

There were allegations on Anna that she dated a female and may have married. But there is no point to prove these rumors are true. Anna and Soik had not confirmed yet on the rumors about them.

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