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What is Hurdle Game Unlimited? Songs Puzzle Game Daily Answers

The online web game list is increasing continuously. Earlier we have talked about Mini Nerdle, Poeltl and New Weddle NFL Wordle game. This list is still increasing with its coming latest version. There are around 300 varieties of Wordle game today. In this article, we will talk about the new version of Wordle Hurdle game. We will see how this new version is unique from the above mentioned versions. We will update you with each detail. At the end of the article you will get to know about what this game is all about.

How Hurdle is different from other Wordle variants?

All the versions of Wordle games follow the same principle of solving the puzzles. But every version is quite different from other. This game also follows the same principle. Users have to guess the word within 8 attempts. Like other games, users can play this game once in 24hrs. After the successful attempt, the game will display the time, you have solve the puzzle and in what attempt. There is an option to share your results on social media and you can challenge your friends too.

How to play the game?

This game can be consider little harder version of Wordle game. You have to guess five letter words within 8 attempts. This time there is little bit modification in color. In earlier games, the tiles change the color but in this game, the green tile will tell the amount of correct letters in correct place and amber tile indicate the number of right letter in incorrect place while the incorrect letter will not be count in both the colors. You can simply follow some tricks and tips to win this game. Like, the first tip that the effective word contains around 2 to 3 vowels. So you can guess the word and add most commonly used letters in it.

Daily Answer and Hints

The game is much more than fun. You can raise your IQ while playing this game. This can help in increasing new words in your dictionary. The game is easy to play on online platform. You can easily get the link on its official website.

Wordle’s gameplay is simple and straightforward, but every version offers a unique twist on the genre. The newest addition to this collection of word games involves guessing words within eight attempts for all players or just those who want more challenge.

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